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You have a bottle containing an e-liquid (starting recipe) and you know its composition. You also have an unflavoured nicotine base (starting base).

You want to tweak your e-liquid to change its nicotine level, change the level of a particular ingredient or add a new one.

Setting the starting recipe

Let's suppose you have the following starting recipe:

- Nicotine: 16 mg/ml

- Quantity: 2 ml

- PG: 80%

- VG: 16%

- Flavour1: 4%

From the main menu, click on "Tweak Recipe Calculator". Then fill in the fields to match your starting recipe. When finished, click on "Base" or "Set Base".

Setting the starting base

You also have the following starting base:

- Nicotine: 36 mg/ml

- PG: 50%

- VG: 40%

- Water: 10%

Again, just fill in the fields to match your starting base. When finished, click on "Tg. Recipe" or "Set Target Recipe".

Setting the target recipe

You have tried to vape the starting recipe, but you notice some things that you want to fix. First, you think that the nicotine level is too high, so you want to lower it to 12 mg/ml. Also, you want to lower a little PG and VG and add some water. Then, flavour 1 is really too high, so you want to lower it. And finally, you want to add a new flavour that you think will taste good combined with flavour 1.

You can do 3 things now: continue to vape something that you don't like, throw it away or use it to create a new recipe. With "Tweak Recipe Calculator", the third option is pretty easy, entertaining and straight-forward!

So here is the planned target recipe that you come up with:

- Nicotine: 12 mg/ml

- PG: 75%

- VG: 13%

- Water: 8%

- Flavour1: 2%

- Flavour2: 2%

Now, try to fill in the fields to match the above target recipe. Since you have 2 ml of starting recipe, let's try to set a target total quantity of 2.5 ml. You will get an error message, because with this quantity you cannot reach the desired nicotine level. So, let's try with 3 ml. That error message is gone, but there is still an error message next to Flavour1 field. This happens because with the selected quantity, the minimum percentual of Flavour1 is 2.66%. Let's try with 4 ml of total target quantity. Bingo! You can now click on "Drops" or "Set Drops", and if you use a dropper set your drops/ml for each kind of ingredient. Finally, click "Calculate".

Interpret the results

After clicking on "Calculate", you get the following quantities:

- Starting recipe: 2 ml

- Starting base: 0.444 ml

- PG: 1.175 ml

- VG: 0.027 ml

- Water: 0.273 ml

- Flavour2: 0.079 ml

Mixing your new recipe is now pretty easy. Just put in a bottle 2 ml of starting recipe, 0.444 ml of starting base, 1.175 ml of pure PG, 0.027 ml of pure VG, 0.273 ml of pure water and 0.079 ml of flavour 2.

Congrats, you now have 4 ml of the wanted target recipe!

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Version 1.11

- Changed theme to lighter one.

- Result drops can now be rounded to integer, to 1-decimal or to 2-decimal value (setting available in Drops screen).

- Added more Discount Codes.

Version 1.10

- Added "Tweak Recipe Calculator" functionality! Helps in quickly changing nicotine, PG, VG, flavours percentuals of an existing recipe (one that you already have in a bottle), by calculating the right quantities of additional nicotine base and other liquids needed to tweak it.

- Added the Help section with a tutorial on how to use the "Tweak Recipe Calculator".

Version 1.03

- Nicotine is now taken into account when calculating % in results. For example, 1% of flavour on 100 ml of a recipe with 20 mg/ml, will result in 0.98 ml of flavour instead of 1.00 ml, because 2% of the base is composed by nicotine (actually 1.98%, because nicotine density is taken into account), and that is not included in the sum of the percentuals of pg, vg, flavours, etc.

- Discount links were not clickable on some browsers, now fixed.

- Fixed some bugs.

Version 1.02

- Added instant error checking on value change.

- Now checks if the field value is a number.

Version 1.01

- Fields errors are now shown near the fields label.

- Disabled automatic field correction (except for "Set Drops" screen).

- Fixed no-nicotine base bug.

- Some browsers didn't allow base customization: added an option for that in the "Set Base" screen.

- Added links in "Results" screen to "Set Base" and "Set Recipe" screens if there are errors in them.



e-Liquid Calculator aids you in mixing your own eLiquid (aka e-juice) recipe.

For questions, suggestions and bugs please email admin@eliquidcalculator.com